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24.04.2022 EUROPEAN DOG SHOW Parigi (F)

judge Mr. Gerardo Paolucci (AR)

Well pics are still a caos and the breeder is old and tired but we have to share our HAPPINES

24.04.2022 EDS PARIS

Masaal ROPER BOY “Ribot” VP2


Masaal MAGNUM CHIC DREAM open exc1 CACS CACIB - EUROPEAN CHAMPION - Cruft Qualification

Masaal FIREPOWER Ch exc 4

Masaal FIREBRAND Vet exc 2

Masaal NEVER GIVE UP Jr exc 3

Thank you to all friends and travel companions involved in this hard and long journey, thank you for the support to my friend Ingrid and the whole Dutch show team, you done so much!

Thank you to the owners Francesca Brignoli, Donatella Albanesi, Francesca Rigamonti, Giovanni Rigamonti, Sergio Ficco, Scoci Rider and Ingrid Croonen who always keep the real protagonists of this scene in the best physical and mental conditions and support this big work!

My bigger thank you is going to #Masaal SCHNAUZER whose done really their best travelling so quietly, being so balanced and cooperating in a wonderful way in the rings. They showed temper, performance and happiness and that is the most important thing ever

My congratulations to all the winners!

Partners in crime Platinum Natural Italia and Whelpet